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Sun Vending is a leading Vending Service provider in Southern California – servicing Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County. Sun Vending offers a comprehensive selection of Vending Service and Office Coffee Equipment and Products – including healthy snacks, coffee, fruit juice, sports drinks, bottled water, soda, chips, candy and everything in-between. Sun Vending uses state of the art vending technology – offering shopping cart functionality, credit card readers, low energy consumption, and the ability to brand vending equipment with company graphics. Please take a look at the equipment and products we stock – and drop us a line to find out more about our Vending and Office Coffee service.

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Healthy Snacks, Nuts, Dried Fruit, Power Bars, Cookies, Chips, Candy and more. We have you covered.

Sun Vending uses national name brand products such as Frito-Lay,
Hershey’s and M&M Mars. We believe that our customers deserve the best products available. Each snack machine that is placed in an account is filled with the selections chosen by individuals within the account using one of our snack menus. Healthy choices are provided in our vending machines. Our snack machines are fitted with “SureVend” technology from Crane National – Guaranteed to vend or your money back!
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From Soda to Fruit Juice to Energy Drinks to Sport Drinks and beyond, we have the full lines of Coke, Pepsi and 7-Up Products

The variety of cold beverages is increasing and Sun Vending is making sure that our customers have the opportunity to choose from these new and exciting selections.

Sun Vending now has capabilities to offer not only soda but many other juices like Snapple, V8, Fuse, Frappacino’s, healthy juices, bottled water. While we have a wide selection of flavors check out our menu), We are willing to customize a machine to suit your demand.

Browse our comprehensive selection of Coffee, Tea, Frappuccino, Creamers, Sugar, Sweeteners and Cups.

Our Service encompasses all necessary products needed by many offices today. Our extensive gourmet coffee variety is the same great tasting coffee served at coffee specialty houses and fine restaurants you can have the same quality coffee delivered right to your workplace. From overhead coffee pot makers to counter top machines to single cup automated coffee machines to free standing coffee machines are our specialty.

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Our Vending Service caters to Businesses with 100+ Employees, located within a 40 mile radius of Santa Ana, California

Our Coffee Service caters to Businesses with 30+ Employees, located within a 15 mile radius of Santa Ana, California

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