3 Ways to Make Coffee Even Healthier

Coffee is sometimes called the elixir of the gods, and its ability to give even the most sleep deprived folks energy is unparalleled. Coffee can also be good for you, under certain circumstances. Here are 3 ways to make coffee healthier for you.

Enjoy Coffee Only In the Morning

Caffeine can give you energy and keep you up, which is in part why coffee is such a staple in today’s society. However, drinking coffee in the evening can make it challenging for you to fall asleep or to stay asleep. Nix caffeine after 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon (or earlier if you are caffeine sensitive) and sip water or another hydrating beverage throughout the remainder of the day.

Omit Cream and Sugar From Your Java

Cream and sugar can make a cup of bitter coffee taste delish, but it also adds fat and calories to your java. Cut down on your sugar gradually by using less and less, until you become accustomed to coffee that isn’t as sweet. You can do the same with cream. Believe it or not, black coffee is the healthiest way to drink this magic elixir!

Use In Moderation

Excessive amounts of caffeine can cause health problems like an increased heart rate, nervousness, or the jitters. While rarely dangerous, these symptoms of overconsumption can be annoying. Use coffee in moderation only, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine.

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