5 Ways Coffee Improves Productivity

Throughout history, great minds have been enjoying their daily cup of coffee. In fact, in the United States alone, around 80 percent of the caffeine people consume is through their couple cups of coffee each day. These two cups of java each day provides around 200 milligrams of caffeine that affects our brains, performance, and health.

Below are 5 ways that coffee can improve your staff’s productivity.

1. Protects Their Brain

Coffee contains two types of oils: cafestol and kahweol. These oils are powerful neurological anti-inflammatory components that help protect your brain from DNA and oxidative stress damage. A couple cups of joe a day can keep your brain healthy and protected from the multitude of stressors.

2. Keeps Them Alert

If your workplace has healthy vending machines that serve coffee, your employees will go ahead and grab a cup. Caffeine consumption puts a stop to the production of adenosine, which improves your cognitive ability. Your brain produces adenosine, mostly while you’re sleeping. This substance causes your body to become reluctant to work and feel weak.

3. Helps Them Learn More Quickly

Coffee fuels your brain causing it to work overtime which helps you retain information better and learn faster. One PLOS journal study reported that 200 milligrams of caffeine stimulate your brain to recognize phrases and words faster.

4. Increases Their Energy and Motor Function

Caffeine provides your body with more energy, according to another study. It also helps improve your physical motor function when consumed in achievable amounts. Coffee changes the course of decreasing cognitive and motor function as you age, therefore, drinking that daily cup of coffee could just benefit you later on in life.

5. Helps Them Socialize

Your social interactions with others also improve by drinking coffee based on research. When you can interact better with your colleagues, it can help boost workplace productivity.

Remember, too much office coffee products can give you the opposite effect. If your daily caffeine intake is over 500 to 600 milligrams (5 or more cups of coffee), your body can get too much caffeine. However, for many people, drinking a daily cup or two of coffee may just translate to increased work performance.

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