Can Caffeine Boost Your Workout?

There may be another reason for you to indulge in a delicious, steaming cup of coffee in the mornings, or any other time during the day. Not only can caffeine give you an energy burst that will help you get through the day, it can also boost your metabolism and make your workout more effective.


What Your Body Uses During Exercise

When you exercise, your body draws on its glycogen resources — a form of starch that provides muscles with energy. Caffeine helps your body preserve its glycogen stores, and instead promotes the consumption of fat for energy. Drinking a cup of coffee before your workout can give your body the endurance it needs to make it through longer, more intense exercise.


Consume Caffeine With Caution

Although the consumption of caffeine can help you power through your workout, it’s important that you drink coffee with caution. Caffeine is a diuretic, and can cause you to lose fluids more quickly than if you don’t consume coffee. If you’re using coffee to give your workout a kick, make sure you adequately hydrate yourself before and after the workout. Additionally, consuming too much caffeine in a single day can cause you to be come jittery or experience a fast pulse rate. Simply stick to 1-2 cups, or whatever your tolerance level is.


Not only is coffee delicious, you can feel great about enjoying your morning cup of java knowing that it will help boost your metabolism throughout the day and can give you the energy burst you need to keep going during your daily workout. Sun Vending offers a variety of gourmet coffee blends and vending options to meet the needs of your moderate to large size Southern California company.

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