How to Make Your Coffee Healthier This Morning

Coffee isn’t always bad for you — in fact, a jolt of caffeine can boost your metabolism and provide you with healthy antioxidants! However, many cups o’ joe are laden with high calorie creamers or tons of sugar, making the bad outweigh the good. Here are just a few simple ways you can make your coffee healthier this morning.

Nix the Sugar

Sweet coffee may taste delicious, but sugar can wreak havoc on the body. Not only does it add calories to your cup of java, it tricks your body into thinking that you’re hungrier than you actually are. This means that you’re more likely to binge eat a couple of donuts rather than stick to your healthy oatmeal. Cut back on the sugar slowly, until you use barely any or none at all in your coffee.

Get Rid of the Cream or Use Real Cream

While a little bit of real milk or cream in your coffee isn’t bad at all, today’s commercial coffee creamers contain a large amount of hydrogenated oils. This allows the cream to have a longer shelf life or to sit out at room temperature. The process of hydrogenation involves heating the oil to thousands of degrees, putting it under intense pressure, and injecting a catalyst like aluminum or nickel into the oil. This creates what is known as “trans fats,” and the resulting substance is not all that different from plastic. The body also has a very difficult time removing hydrogenated oils and trans fats.

To avoid consuming unhealthy hydrogenated oils in your morning coffee, skip the cream altogether or simply use natural cream, half and half, or milk.

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