Important Features of a Coffee Vending Machine

There are various types of coffee vending machines and they are different in terms of the features they offer. If you’re not sure which type to lease, here are some questions to ask when researching a coffee vending machine:


1. What is the selection of beverages?

Determine the beverages that you want to serve using a coffee vending machine. The common options include:

  • Instant coffee (both caffeinated and decaffeinated)
  • Fresh bean or brewed coffee (caffeinated and decaffeinated)
  • Hot water
  • Hot chocolate, flavored coffees, Chai, and Mochaccinos
  • Hot milk


2. Does it dispense milk?

Refrigeration is needed for fresh milk, while cleaning, additional storage, and equipment for milk frothing require upfront equipment costs. The costs can be higher compared to dried milk, which is available in different forms like non-dairy, skim, frothing, powdered, and granulated. If selecting dried milk, make sure the company provides a high-quality product for your coffee vending machine.


3. Is the water source is clean and reliable?

High-volume plumbed units are hassle free because they do not need to be refilled. They are, however, connected to a main water supply, which includes a water filter, valve, and pressure reducer. Tanked units may get water from a tank that is filled through a bucket, jug, or a hose.


4. Does it have ample storage capacity?

The best coffee vending machine for your needs is the one with the right capacity that can serve the number of people in your establishment with fewer refill times. Check the dispensing capacity and make sure it can dispense the correct number of cups-per-hour, especially during times when more people want coffee.


5. Does it serve cups, stirrers, and straws?

To save space, go for coffee vending machines that are self-contained with stirrers, disposable cups, and sugar.


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