The One Beverage You Must Offer Your Employees for Free

Companies are always looking for ways to boost workplace morale, improve employee satisfaction, and increase productivity. An effective way to achieve all three of these things is by offering employee complimentary perks. While pens and paper may be useful, there is one thing that employees will love even more: complimentary coffee.

With an estimated 83% of adults drinking coffee in the US, offering complimentary cups of Joe to employees can certainly prove to be beneficial in a number of ways. Some of the reasons why you really need to offer free coffee to your employees include:

  • Increased performance. Caffeine is famous for its energizing capabilities. The caffeine found in coffee helps to keep employees awake, alert, and more focused on their daily tasks. Coffee boosts both memory and concentration, two things that are beneficial to your employees, and to you, as the employer.
  • Coffee is a beloved beverage. Millions of people drink coffee several times a day to boost their performance and to increase their focus. With the high cost of this beverage from coffee chains, your employees will certainly appreciate saving their hard-earned cash on their favorite drink.
  • Keeps employees in the office. Runs to the nearby coffee shop mean employees who are off the job site, if even for just a few minutes. Offering coffee for free keeps employees in the office.
  • It’s inexpensive. Office coffee vending actually isn’t as expensive as you might think. Single cup brewers, drip brewers, and coffee supplies are well worth the investment when you consider how much the caffeine will boost morale and productivity.

If you really want to reap the benefits of offering coffee in the office, take it one step further and provide your employees with espresso, lattes, mochas, and more through either single cup coffee machines or drip coffee brewers, which Sun Vending offers a variety of.

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