Are Workers More Productive When They Drink Coffee?

Employers are constantly looking for ways to increase employee productivity and make the most of their manpower overhead. There are many things that work, such as regular constructive feedback and economic incentives as suggested by Forbes. There are also a number of things that don’t work, such as poor management and outdated systems, as suggested by Chron Small Business.

Of course, we all have room for improvement in those departments. Who doesn’t? But many companies don’t have the staff or the funds to do system upgrades or offer economic incentives. We need an easy, affordable way to increase employee productivity nearly instantly, but that’s quite the tall order. Actually, the answer is precisely a tall order – or, a Grande, Venti or Trenta.

More Than a Pick Me Up?

According to Career Builder, 61% of employees say they drink two or more cups of java a day. 28% of employees say they drink more than three cups. It’s not just about getting through the day after a rough night – in fact, the same study suggests that 46% of workers – almost half – feel they are less productive without coffee. This decreased productivity stretches across a multitude of professions, including writing and editing, health care, food service, education and human resources.

Jolt Your Workers With Java

Increasing the productivity at your office is as simple as providing your employees with regular access to coffee. When employees can easily get their caffeine fix without leaving work, it not only gives them the extra “oomph” they need to do well throughout the day, but it also decreases the amount of time employees leave work to go on coffee runs. Coffee vending is a no-hassle way to dispense coffee to your employees on a regular basis, and can provide your office with hot, delicious coffee no matter what the hour.

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