3 Amazing Health Benefits of Tea

Drinking tea is a time honored tradition in many cultures. But did you know that tea also has a number of incredible health benefits too? Next time you enjoy a cup of tea, you’ll be giving your body a boost of more than just caffeine.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea has certain antioxidants that help to boost the metabolism for up to two hours after drinking it, helping to contribute to weight loss. Be careful though — overloading your tea with sugar and/or cream can easily counteract any weight loss benefits oolong tea has.

Black Tea

Most popular forms of tea — including the regular iced tea you buy at the store, breakfast tea, and Earl Grey tea — are made from black tea leaves. Black tea contains polysaccharides that have been studied and shown to inhibit glucose, meaning that black tea could be helpful in preventing diabetes or reducing blood sugar levels in individuals who are already diabetic.

Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea are likely the most widely known out of all the different types of tea. Not only does green tea help boost the metabolism for weight loss, it contains a high number of phytonutrients known as EGCG that have been shown to be effective cancer cell fighters.

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