3 Myths About Soda Debunked!

Soda has long been on the “no-no” list for dieters, people with certain health problems, and the general public alike. But is enjoying the occasional can of pop really all that bad? Here are 3 myths about soda, debunked!

1. Soda Has More Caffeine Than Coffee

Generally speaking, the average size can of soda has about the same or less caffeine than coffee does. If you choose a clear soda or another type of soda that has no caffeine in it at all, you can still enjoy soda without the exposure to caffeine.

2. Diet Soda is Healthier Than Regular Soda

Artificial sweeteners are no healthier than traditional sugar, and some types of artificial sweeteners have been linked to weight gain and disease. If you’re going to drink a soda, it may be a better choice to enjoy one with real sugar if you don’t have any special health restrictions like diabetes.

3. Soda Is Dehydrating

While water is better choice when hydrating your body, there’s no real evidence that soda dehydrates your body, with the exception of caffeinated sodas. Caffeine is a diuretic, which causes you to urinate more often. However, if you continue to consume adequate amounts of liquid, the diuretic effect is minimal at best.

Despite the bad press soft drinks have gotten, there’s no real harm in enjoying a soda once in awhile or drinking it in moderation. Sun Vending offers a wide variety of soda products to businesses in Southern California with over 100 employees. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive vending services state-of-the-art vending machines today!

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