Energy Drinks: Good or Evil?

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding energy drinks and whether they’re good or inherently evil. While users of energy drinks swear by their ability to get them through the day, health gurus suggest that energy drinks do more harm than good. Here’s what you need to know about energy drinks.

Everything In Moderation

Energy drinks have plenty of caffeine in them, which is the main ingredient that makes you feel “energized.” However, many energy drinks also contain vitamins and supplements like B12 or guarana, which can also give you a more subtle energy boost. Consuming energy drinks regularly or several times throughout a single day can potentially cause problems like heart palpitations, nervousness, and restlessness. However, energy drinks pose little threat when consumed in moderation and only on occasion.

How Much Is Too Much?

If you need an energy boost, try opting for an energizing snack instead. However, if you just need something that has a real kick to it, an energy drink may be just what you need. Choose your energy drinks wisely, and avoid large cans. Many people assume that one can is a serving size, no matter how large the can is, but this is simply not true. Large cans usually contain 3-4 servings, which means you could easily go overboard. Instead, choose a smaller sized energy drink, or portion out your serving sizes from the larger can. Be aware of how much you’re consuming, and drink water throughout the day to keep from getting dehydrated.

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