How to Select the Best Soda Vending Machine

A frequently-restocked soda vending machine is a fantastic addition to any break room, especially in large companies and organizations. Why? Because second to coffee, sodas and juice contain the necessary sugar and caffeine to keep employees productive throughout their working day. If you are looking for a soda vending machine for your office or factory, here are some tips:


Check the variety of sodas dispensed.

Most soda vending machines dispense only one brand. It’s often a choice of Pepsi or Coke. Determining a brand preference in the office can be a challenge.  Sun Vending has soda vending machines dispensing Pepsi products, Coca-Cola products, as well as other well-known names like 7up, Dr. Pepper and Snapple.


Can the vending machines dispense other drinks aside from a soda?

Choose a machine that offers more choices, so everyone – even those who are health-conscious – can use it. Consider a vending machine that dispenses sports drinks, fruit juices, bottled water, and iced tea. You can also go for a vending machine that dispenses bottled or canned coffee and energy drinks. The more choices you give employees, the happier they will be in their office environment – and the less likely they will need to step out of the office throughout the day for snacks and drinks.


Check the contract.

Some vending machine companies provide contracts, while others don’t. A contract is typically provided for large-sized companies or for the order of specialized equipment. If you’re obtaining a soda vending machine without a contract, be sure it has a 30-day guarantee.


Check out the provider’s level of customer service.

The company must be easy to contact, with a prompt response time.


How modern are the vending machines? Here at Sun Vending, we have the latest coffee, soda and snack machines with ePort credit card readers. Our machines are also Energy Star compliant, ensuring that your office saves electricity throughout the day.

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