The Trend Toward Cashless Vending Machines

An estimated 40 percent of adults in the US say that they can go at least a week without purchasing an item with cash. Despite the declining use of cash, many vending machines throughout the country still only accept dollars and coins for purchases. As a result, companies who have vending machines in the buildings are leaving money on the table.

In order to boost sales, vending machine companies have decided to “get with the times,” and are now implementing credit card, debit cards, and mobile payment options. Vending companies, like us here at Sun Vending, are responding to the change in the preferences of the consumer with cashless vending machines.

Why You Should Invest in a “Smart” Vending Machine?

There are several reasons why investing in a new, “smart” vending machine is a wise choice. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • More money. It is estimated that these new, high-tech machines will increase vending machine sales by 25 to 30 percent, according to
  • Buyers spend more. People tend to spend more money with a credit or a debit card than they do with case. The reason? Cash runs out and debit and credit don’t.
  • Reduce theft. Accepting alternative payment methods means that there’s less cash available in a vending machine, which translates to a decreased desire to burglarize these “smart” vending machines.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the bandwagon and start improving the sales out of your vending machine!

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