10 Healthy Snack Foods to Choose at Work

Healthy eating at work can often fall by the wayside when staff are busy. Often they’ll be looking for a sugar rush to give them the energy to stay on top of their workload. However, after the rush, comes a slump and it can be difficult to refocus and be as productive as they should be when this occurs. On the other hand, healthy snacks provide long-lasting energy to help employees power through their day.

With this in mind, look at these 10 healthy snack foods to choose at work, all of which can be found in healthy snack vending machines.

  1. Nuts – filled with protein
  2. Granola bars – low sugar and filling
  3. Oatmeal packets – mixed with water and microwaved, oatmeal packets provide energy throughout the day
  4. Healthy crackers – low fat crackers with a little cheese or hummus
  5. Dried fruits – filled with fiber and will satisfy sweet cravings
  6. Seeds – a source of protein
  7. Air-popped popcorn – filling and low in calories
  8. Trail mix – healthy and tasty
  9. Dark chocolate – filled with stress-relieving magnesium
  10. Tuna pouches – packed with omega 3’s and protein

Eating at work doesn’t need to mean snacking on junk food and on sugar-laden sodas. Through opting for some of the healthy options above as well as drinking plenty of fresh water, you and your staff members will be sure to feel energized and ready to face your working day head on.

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