Are 100 Calorie Snacks Good Options In the Workplace?

100 calorie snacks can be a great way to keep your shape, but are they really giving you the most bang for your buck? Many 100 calorie snacks are little more than empty calories, meaning that you will be hungry again in no time. Here are the 2 things to look for when choosing a 100 calorie snack: Fiber and protein.

Fiber and protein are both key nutrients that your body needs to help you feel full after eating. Fiber can help to regulate your blood sugar by slowing the breakdown of carbohydrates into sugars. This means that your blood will absorb the sugars in the food slowly over time instead of all at once, keeping you from feeling that sudden spike and subsequent drop in your blood sugar.

Protein is another important nutrient to make sure you’re getting when you feel hungry. It helps you to feel full, and can suppress your appetite for several hours if enough protein is eaten. Not only will protein help you better control your eating, it will also help you develop lean muscle!

When choosing a 100 calorie snack from a vending machine, it’s important that you select something with as much fiber and/or protein as possible. Excellent choices include snacks with nuts like almonds and peanuts, or tuna salad with crackers. Sun Vending offers a wide variety of delicious, nutritious 100 calorie snacks that are a great option for when you’re feeling hungry in the workplace. We provide quality vending machine service to employers in the California area with over 100 employees.

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