How to Eat Healthy at Work During the Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, it is time to begin looking for ways to watch what you eat — including what you eat at the office, so you can make it through without packing on extra pounds. These tips will help you eat healthier at work throughout the holidays.

Start with a Great Breakfast at Home

Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast at home means you’re not arriving at work hungry and scrounging around the breakroom for goodies coworkers often bring to share during the holiday season.

Bring Your Own Lunch

This helps to reduce the temptation to dine out with friends and coworkers and puts you in the driver’s seat – allowing you to make healthy choices before you even arrive at the office.

Choose Your Battles

It’s impossible to go through the entire holiday season without ever indulging in favorite holiday treats. The key is moderation and making healthier selections elsewhere so that your calorie intake for the day can accommodate a few extra calories here and there.

Keep Evening Plans in Mind

If you have holiday plans for the evening that will have you making less than healthy food choices, eat healthier during the day to balance those choices. This helps you stay on track with your healthy eating goals without feeling deprived of holiday favorites.

Stick with Healthy Vending Snacks

More and more employers are offering healthy vending machine options from drinks to snacks. This allows you the opportunity to tide yourself over until a dinner on the town – or other holiday festivities – without going hungry and overindulging later.

Making healthy food choices at work is possible every day – even during the tempting holiday season. These tips will help you keep your cravings at bay, so you can make wiser choices throughout the holidays.

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