Why Do Energy Bars Provide Energy?

Whether you are looking to add a vending machine to your office for your employees, or you own a gym and you want to provide your clients with pre- and post-workout healthy snacks, you’re definitely going to want to include a collection of energy bars in your vending machine.


Because just like the name implies, these portable bars are designed to provide a pick-me-up, which is something that is often needed in the workplace, a gym, or anyplace else where people need to grab some on-the-go fuel.

But why energy bars? What makes them so… energizing? Here’s a closer look.

  • The offer healthy fats. Not all fats are bad fats; there is such a thing as healthy fat, and these fats are an important part of a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Energy bars offer a great supply of these healthy fats.
  • They are packed with protein. An energy bar can have anywhere between two grams and 25 grams or more of protein.  Protein is one of the most powerful sources of fuel for the body. It fills you up, and it stays with you, giving you the energy that you need to get through the mid-day slump. Protein also replenishes the body.
  • Filled with fiber. Fiber keeps things regulated, and many types of energy bars are filled with fiber. In fact, depending on the amount of fiber a bar contains, it could potentially provide a good portion of your recommended daily fiber intake.
  • Totally tasty. Not only do energy bars provide a good bit of wholesome goodness, but they’re also totally tasty. Energy bars can tickle the sweet tooth, or satiate the salty craving; all while filling your body with something that’s good for it!

Snacks, like energy bars, that contain healthy fats and quality carbs, as well as being high in fiber and protein provide you with long-lasting energy to get your through your workday or workout.

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