Healthy Eating Trends

Each year it seems there’s a new trend starting when it comes to healthy eating. You had low carb, low-fat diet trends and then high protein and low sugar. With the list of food and beverage choices from vegan, paleo, Atkins, Mediterranean, raw and gluten-free, keeping up with the healthy eating trends is dizzying. So, what can we look forward to in the coming year and what healthy vending machine foods can you look for next? Below are only a few of what you can expect.

Whole Grains

The newest trend – whole grains. According to the National Restaurant Association, whole grains are among the top 20 food trends for 2017. And, there’s nothing wrong with this since there’s an abundance of research indicating that including whole grains in your diet can help prevent the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Whole grains can also help you to manage your weight.

Veggie Chips

Another option of healthy vending snacks you’ll likely have at your disposal are veggie chips. Companies are now making chips with just oil, salt, and veggies. From kale and spinach to beets and Brussel sprouts, you’ll soon be seeing bags of healthy veggie chips in vending machines and on grocery store shelves.

Probiotic Popcorn, Chips, and Juices

As consumers continue looking for natural ways of achieving better health, there will be new trends popping up all over. First, it was probiotic yogurt and now comes probiotic popcorn, chips, and juice. And probiotic chips is yet another snack you can add on to the healthy vending machine foods list since there are millions of people in the U.S. suffering from digestive issues. Now you can look forward to Farmhouse Culture’s new Kraut Krisps tortilla chips.

Plant Waters

Let’s not forget our healthy beverages. Coconut water was first and then it was maple water. Today, you’re seeing more plant-based beverages like cactus, artichoke, and cucumber. These beverages are promoted as a healthier more natural hydrating alternative to sports drinks. They have fewer calories than most sports drinks. For instance, 8 ounces of plant water contains 25 to 30 calories whereas there are 53 calories in Gatorade. And, many plant water beverages don’t contain sweeteners or the sugar in them is completely natural.

Remember, “You are what you eat.” Scientists found that when vendors stocked healthy vending snacks and their nutritional content information in healthy vending machines, more people bought them.

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