Healthy Snacks for Kids Lunchboxes

A successful lunch box depends on the snacks you pack inside it. Besides a healthy lunch you pack in your child’s lunch box, you can help keep their energy levels high all day long by also packing tasty, well-balanced, and healthy snacks. There’s no need to overthink snacks either, just ensure they offer important vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients.

When your child opens their lunchbox to see flavorful goodies inside, they’ll likely not trade their snacks with their friends. So, do you need some ideas? Some healthy vending snacks or snacks you get at the supermarket may include:

Trail Mix

Trail mix is packed with fiber and protein. Trail mix will fuel your child and energize them until dinnertime. Try mixing up different dried fruits and sprinkle in some chocolate chips to add some tasty sweetness.

Cinnamon Apples

You’ll need one apple and some cinnamon. If your child likes the skin, leave it on and just cut the apple up into slices, otherwise, peel the apple and cut it up into slices. Then just sprinkle with some cinnamon.  Not only will your child get a delectable treat, but the cinnamon keeps the apple from turning brown.

Nutty Popcorn & Fruit Mix

By mixing up some dried fruit, nuts and potato sticks, you can give boring popcorn a yummy upgrade. Sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese over the mix to make the perfect snack between classes.

Fruit and Animal Crackers

Give your child an extra treat by mixing their bag of animal crackers with some pudding, yogurt, and fruit slices. Make sure you include a spoon since this really isn’t finger food.

Pretzel Kabobs

Roll up some turkey, ham, and cheese together. Slice them and use pretzel sticks as skewers.

Pita Chips

Add some mini chocolate chips and soy nuts on top of mini pita chips.

Don’t forget the drink. To wash down their tasty snack, pack a bottle of coconut water. Coconut water is healthy and often available in healthy vending machines.

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