Hydration, Electrolytes and Good Carbs: How to Find Them in a Vending Machine

Snacking is an important part of giving your body the fuel it needs to get through a busy day. However, finding nutritious items to stave off the hunger can be difficult when you’re at work. Grabbing a quick bite to eat from a vending machine is a necessity for many, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo making good choices. Say no to the chips and candy, and instead, learn how to get the hydration, electrolytes and good carbs that you need from a vending machine.

Yes, You Can Find Good Carbs In a Vending Machine!

Granola bars are an excellent source of good carbohydrates, since many of them are made primarily with healthy oatmeal. Nuts are also an excellent source of carbohydrates, while also being rich in protein and good fats. Choose an energizing trail mix to get an additional boost of vitamins from dried fruit.

Staying Hydrated & Replacing Your Electrolytes

Instead of opting for sodas when you make a trip to the vending machine for a snack, stay hydrated with ice cold bottled water. You can also replenish your electrolytes by selecting healthy fruit juices or flavored waters that are packed with added vitamins and minerals.

Hitting the vending machine for your mid-day snack fix doesn’t mean you have to stray from your goal of eating healthy and nourishing your body. By choosing snacks with good carbohydrates and replacing your electrolytes by staying hydrated, you can continue to feel great knowing that you’re giving your body exactly what it needs. Sun Vending provides vending machine snacks and drinks that are low calorie and nutritious, so you can stay on track.

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