What Millennials are Looking for in Vending Machines

Millennials grew up in the heart of the information age. They have different desires — and demands when it comes to choices, technology, and convenience. Fortunately, vending machines can meet many of those demands — as long as you keep the millennial audience in mind and offer them the right choices. These are a few expectations you’ll want to be able to meet when offering vending selections to millennials.

Payment Options

While cash may have been King for generations, millennials rarely carry it. They prefer instead to use electronic means of payment such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, or a variety of debit and/or credit cards. The more options you offer for payment, the wider segment of millennial cash you stand to earn.

Healthy Snack Options

Millennials are increasingly health conscious. That means they want healthy vending snacks and choices. Don’t leave out important choices like fruit, nuts, vegetables, organic snacks, and even healthier drink options that sodas and junk juices.

Convenience Foods

Another popular vending item among millennials is convenience food. They work long hours and play hard after leaving the office. They don’t want to take time to cook and clean up in between. Convenience foods they can grab from vending machines and eat on the go are perfect selections for busy millennials on-the-go – especially if microwaves are conveniently located nearby.

Upscale Items

Millennials are not afraid to splurge on items they believe are trendy, like gourmet sandwiches, coconut water, or even sushi. If you have something new and different to offer, it likely lures business away from vending machines that only offer the standard fare.

Millennials have different demands when it comes to technology, convenience, and selection than generations past. Vending machines providers must adapt to meet these demands if they want to continue to be relevant to millennials who are continuously growing segments of the marketplace.

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