National Raisin Day – April 30th / National Raisin Week

April 30 is reserved as a day to celebrate an often under-appreciated, dried-up, wrinkled fruit: the raisin. To commemorate the raisin on National Raisin Day, include it in your diet in various ways.

The History of the Raisin

The practice of dehydrating grapes and turning them into raisins began in ancient Persia and Egypt and dates back to 2000 BC. This dried fruit was also beloved by the Ancient Romans, who used the food as a way to barter and gave raisins as prizes at sporting events.

While they have been beloved for centuries, it wasn’t until 1873 that they became commercially popular, when acres of grapevines in California perished in a heat wave. The farmers who owned the grapes decided to sell them, despite being dried out, saying that they were a “Peruvian delicacy.” Today, California is one of the largest producers of the dried fruit, putting out approximately half of the world’s raisin supply.

Health Benefits of Raisins

Raisins are a low-fat food and they are rich in nutrients, including iron, copper, calcium and antioxidants. They contain fiber (for keeping regular), carbohydrates (for energy), potassium (for healthy blood pressure), and iron (which helps the body carry oxygen in its red blood cells).

How Employers Can Offer Raisins to their Employees

As an employer, employee satisfaction needs to be a top priority. Providing your employees with snacks — especially healthy snacks, via vending machines is a simple, yet highly effective way to improve employee satisfaction and workplace morale.

Suggestions for healthy raisin options include, of course, individual packages of raisins, but aren’t limited to boxes of these healthy dried fruits. Other ways that raisins can be offered in vending machines include:

  • Oatmeal raisin cookies
  • Granola bars with raisins
  • Trail mix with raisins
  • Muffins with raisins

By providing access to healthy food options, such as raisins, companies can significantly increase job satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

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