Office Soda Vending Machines

Soda Vending Machines Service

Variety is the spice of life. This statement also holds true when it comes to stocking your office’s vending machines. Your employees might have their biases, favorites, and preferences when it comes to the stuff they drink and fill up with, but they also like switching things up, according to their mood and cravings for the day. Office snack and beverage vending machines have gone a long way from dispensing just one type of product. What was once exclusive to sodas and high sugar candy is now an entirely new business segment and the possibilities are simply endless.


From vending machines that solely dispense cans of Coke and other popular brands of soda to those that prepare rich Cappuccinos while you wait, advanced vending machines have completely changed the game – allowing customization and many payment options for employees. At Sun Vending, you will find machines that employ the most advanced technologies – ranging from machines with ePort or Credit card readers to machines that use energy-saving technologies that allow more environment-friendly operation. Our machines also dispense some of the healthiest and most nutritious snacks to help you and your employees make healthier choices when it comes to vending machine products.


Vending machines may be completely customized – including drink machines that dispense hot or cold beverages. In the past, people were forced to make purchases from a very narrow selection. Today, vending machines can dispense multiple types of soda and beverages, giving buyers exciting choices – including healthy beverage options, juices, energy drinks, and and flavored water – something to suit the needs and demands of every employee in an office. Custom soda machines provide unmatched selection and should be a part of every office environment.

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