Top 3 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

The urge to snack has destroyed many a diet – but it doesn’t have to. Choosing the right snacks can give your weight loss efforts a boost, from speeding up your metabolism to curbing your appetite. Opt for any of these three weight loss friendly snacks next time you hit the vending machines.

1. Spicy Snacks

Spicy snacks aren’t just delicious – they can also help you lose weight when eaten in moderation. Capsaicin is the chemical in hot peppers that makes them hot, and has been shown to boost the metabolism and minimize fatty tissue. It can also help curb your appetite.

To snack smartly, choose a low fat spicy snack instead of spicy potato chips.

2. Protein

Protein has long been recognized as a way to curb hunger and stabilize the blood sugar. In a study conducted by Nutrition Metabolism, subjects who increased their protein consumption by 30% each day ate on average 450 less calories. During the 12-week study, the test subjects lost an average of 11 pounds each without implementing any other weight loss techniques.

High protein snacks such as peanuts and peanut butter or lean meats like beef jerky can reduce your appetite in between meals.

3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Getting more omega 3 fatty acids in your diet can not only help improve your heart health, it can also help you lose weight. A study by the University of South Australia showed that dieters taking fish oil lost almost 5 pounds more than those in the control groups.

Try snacking on nuts, or sub a high fat lunch for tuna salad and crackers to increase your omega 3 fatty acid consumption.

Losing weight isn’t about “dieting,” it’s about making healthy lifestyle changes. Choosing smart snacks with added weight loss benefits from Sun Vending can make shedding pounds easy – and fun!

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