What Are the Best Snacks to Fuel a Busy Workday?

It’s normal to get hungry during a busy workday, and it can be torture when lunch or dinner seems hours away. Here are the best snacks to fuel a workday that takes your all.

Nuts (Cashews, Almonds, Peanuts)

Nuts are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and can give you a quick energy boost while you’re working. Try a granola bar filled with nuts, or snack on plain salted or seasoned nuts to stave off your hunger for a few hours and keep your mind and body focused on your tasks.


Carbohydrates in moderation can be a healthy snack choice and they certainly will get you from point A to point B in your workday. A snack mix, reduced fat crackers, or even low calorie cookies can give you a fast jolt of energy. Just be sure eat a little protein too in order to keep your blood sugar from crashing afterwards.

Chicken or Tuna Salad

If you need something a little “meatier” to get through your workday, a light chicken or tuna salad mix is perfect. It will give you the protein you need while filling you up and taking your mind off hunger. Put on crackers for a delicious and nutritious snack.

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