Doritos Using Vending to Spark Youth into Voting

Vending machines are an excellent tool for employers to use to provide employees with healthy snack options. One brand, Doritos, is using vending machines as a tool for bringing out change in the hearts and minds of the nation’s youth.

The use of a vending machine in this particular campaign is brilliant and it speaks to the minds of people who are traditionally unlikely to vote – young people. Many of them are not even registered to vote. What’s more important is that these are voters who could essentially turn the tides in this year’s contentious election.

The Vending Machine Campaign

Unlike traditional vending machines, this one provides two choices to customers. It asks if they are registered to vote then gives them the option of yes or no. Rather than vending the Doritos chips customers are expecting the machine, it  instead delivers a bag of information about what it means to register to vote and what failing to vote really means – a bag of air with no taste, no crunch, and no chips. Because when you give up your vote, you’re allowing someone else to make those important decisions for you.

The vending machine in this campaign also allows customers to register for an email reminder encouraging them to register to vote. It’s a great idea for not only making the point, but also reinforcing the point at a later time when students can take action.

The Doritos vending machine campaign is an ingenious use of a common tool to send a big message. The fact that it is highly targeted to a receptive audience certainly doesn’t hurt.

Aside from providing your employees with healthy snack options, how can you use vending machines to encourage your employees to improve their health, get up and move, and make positive choices in their daily lives?

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