New Study Reveals the Free Snacks are the Key to Worker Happiness

It turns out that even when a company offers its employees unlimited vacation time, the idea of having access to free snacks is the key to daily happiness in the workplace.

A survey conducted by Peapod concluded that companies that provide free food have happier workers and a more productive workplace.

The results of the survey indicated that companies that provide free food to their employees have higher employee morale, and their workers are generally happier than employees in workplaces that don’t provide free snacks.

Notable statistics from this survey, which polled over 1,000 full-time employees, found the following:

  • 56% of full-time employees are either “very happy” or “extremely happy” with their job; however, when those employees were provided with free food, this number jumped to 67%.
  • 83% of those surveyed said that being supplied with low-calorie snacks, fruits, vegetables, and yogurt is a huge perk.
  • 55% of those surveyed were provided with free beverages, including hot cocoa, coffee and tea, while only 16% were provided with free food, such as snacks, treats and groceries. This indicates that employers can do more to improve happiness in the workplace by providing free snacks.
  • Free food at work is the most important to Millennials, and they are more likely to “wish” that their employer offered more snack options than other age groups.
  • 66% of Millennials would be more inclined to accept a job from a company that offered a perk, such as free food.
  • 100-calorie snack packs, as well as granola bars are popular snack items.

The results of this survey reveals that it behooves employers to provide free snacks and beverages to their employers to improve worker productivity and morale.

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