Nut Showcase: Cashews

When hunger pangs set in, the productivity of your employees can be greatly compromised, right? After all if their thinking about food, they don’t have their complete focus on their work task at hand.. Being hungry impacts speed and accuracy, not to mention has a huge impact on a person’s mood.

Fortunately, there is an easy way that you can satiate the hunger of your employees and avoid the adverse effects of those hunger pangs. How? – By adding a vending machine to your workplace. A vending machine makes it easy for your employees to grab a snack when their stomachs start to rumble and can keep productivity and morale up.

To maximize the benefits of the easy-to-access snacks that vending machines provide, skip the chips and candies and stock your machine with healthy food choices, like cashews.

Cashews are a low-fat, protein-packed, energy-boosting snack that your employees are sure to love. They also contain “good-for-you” fats. reports that these nuts are void of cholesterol, packed with copper and iron, reduce blood pressure – and those are just some of the health benefits of cashews.

Cashew Snacks for Vending Machines

There are several cashew-filled snack options that you can offer in your workplace vending machine that are healthy and tasty, and that will help to keep your employees satisfied and productive throughout the workday.

Some options to consider offering in your vending machines include:

  • Bagged cashews
  • Trail mix that features cashews
  • Dried fruit snacks mixed with cashews
  • Energy bars, breakfast bars and granola bars that contain cashews
  • Cookies that feature cashews

These snack options contain protein and important nutrients, making them excellent options to incorporate in your workplace vending machines.

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