5 Tips to Create a Break Room Your Employees Will Love

Your break room is a crucial part of the workplace. Your employees need to take occasional breaks so they can relax a bit, unwind, eat some food and more. This ensures they’re satisfied at work and encourages productivity. To help with this, you should have a break room your employees will love. Below are 5 tips to do this.

1. Have a Coffee Machine

Every break room should have a coffee machine. You may even want to add some extra options too like a cappuccino machine and tea kettle. Not everyone likes coffee.

2. Add Healthy Vending Machines

healthy vending machine is your employees’ main source for snacks and sometimes even meals. The vending machine should be stocked with snacks that provide your employees with nutrition like cheese, yogurt, pita chips, Vitamin water and other low-sugar or sugar-free beverages. Healthy snacks encourage a healthier work culture and boosts productivity.

3. Provide Entertainment

If your break room is big enough, you may want to give your employees a way they can sit back and enjoy things like:

  • Watching TV
  • Reading
  • Listening to music
  • Playing games

Offer things like a television, magazines, wireless speakers or headphones and more to let your employees know you appreciate their hard work and want to give back.

4. Spruce Up the Break Room With Décor

While you still have to post legal notices, you can fill up the rest of your break room with things like pictures, comfortable chairs, plants and colorful walls. This helps separate the break room atmosphere from the work area. It allows your employees to take refuge where they can relax, recoup and get their mind off work for a bit.

5. Keep it Clean

Of course, the area where your employees will be eating and relaxing should be clean. Provide hand soap too so they can wash their hands after their snack or meal.

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