Advantages of Vending Machines with Shopping Cart Functionality

Traditional vending machines offer consumers unattended sales of bottled beverages, snacks, and other items. Typically, the consumer would insert their payment, make their selection, and then receive their product and change. However, this order-of-processing does impose some restrictions on healthy snack vending.

Today, consumers are looking for convenience and state-of-the-art vending machine technology. They embrace vending machine options that have shopping cart functionality. Smart vending technology allows consumers to combine item selections before making their payment and also offers cashless vending.

For example, multi-vending transactions enable the consumer to purchase multiple items, sometimes at a reduced, combined price. Incorporating cashless systems into vending machines with shopping cart functionality provide even more opportunity for your company to boost sales.

Advantages of Smart Vending Technology

There are a number of advantages to state of the art vending technology. Some include:

  • Being able to choose multiple items at one time using a digital shopping cart for vending machines.
  • Advanced technology and enhanced merchandising to increase multiple sales from one machine
  • Intuitive shopping cart technology that displays calorie content, product imagery, and more
  • Brand advertising on a big display screen.
  • Multiple language settings.

With a touch screen customer interface shopping cart, consumers are provided with a better shopping experience. Modifying or adding on to their order is now simplified which can result in more same-store sales.

Vending companies, like us here at Sun Vending in Southern California, are responding to the emerging vending machine trend and change in the preferences of the consumer with state-of-the-art vending machines.

If you’re looking advanced vending machine service or office coffee for your Southern California business, contact us here at Sun Vending today. 949-717-7632.

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