New Location Trends for Your Vending Machines

Finding the ideal spot for healthy vending machines can present a challenge. There are, of course, the old standards, like hospital corridors and mechanic shops or repair stations. If you really want to boost your earning potential, though, think outside the box with your vending machine placement so you can bring in even bigger profits.

Gyms and Exercise Studios

These are especially profitable if you include audience appropriate items in the machine like healthy snacks, electrolyte recovery drinks, bottled water, etc.

High Schools, Colleges, and University

This audience provides a great deal of visibility, a somewhat captive audience, and people who prefer a variety of healthy and not-so-healthy items among their vending options.

Shopping Centers and Malls

Try for areas away from central food courts for vending machine locations. If there is a play area for toddlers at the mall, this is a great area to offer vending services. Include snacks for moms and children alike to cater to your audience more effectively.

Hair and Nail Salons

Offer indulgent snacks and treats in these locations as well as a few healthy items. People go to salons to be pampered. Keep that in mind when filling your vending machines in these locations.

Business Offices and Call Centers

Vending machines are ideal choices for employers to place in break rooms and cafeterias. It gives employees and guests snack options that are handy and do not require them to leave the office to satisfy various cravings. Consider adding a few things like energy drinks and power bars to help employees combat any mid-shift crashes they feel coming on.

Micro Markets

Last, but not least, micro markets are rising in popularity, reaching almost 18,000 locations and growing. These self-contained stores are unmanned by an employee, and consumers pay for their items via self-checkout technology, debit or credit cards, mobile apps, or even their fingerprints.

These locations offer huge potential for vending machine placement and can be easy to negotiate with owners.

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