Why Do Vending Machines Reject Coins and Dollars?

A good sign that any of your healthy vending machines are broken is if they aren’t accepting your money. This is when the machine spits your dollar bill back at you or your coins fall straight through the machine into the change slot.

If your vending machine is not accepting money, you aren’t making any until you get it repaired. And, the sooner you get the machine repaired, the sooner you will create revenue from your machine again. But first, learn some of the reasons your vending machines might reject your customers’ dollars and coins.

Dirty Currency

Money is dirty. It accumulates skin oil and other impurities. These types of contaminants can build up over time and coat the inside of the vending machine’s validator (where your machine accepts the bills). Once the validator gets to where it’s clogged up, it may not read the bills and therefore won’t accept them.

Dirty Belts

The validator has rubber belts inside, which can get dirty or worn out with time. When this happens, it can lose its ability to grip a dollar bill and cause the bills to jam. A jam in your vending equipment validator can keep other bills from being accepted.

Deviations in Coins

There are more than a hundred different configurations and designs in circulated coins today. And, although the design of the U.S. Mint system is to make all the different quarters, nickels, dimes and dollar coins in a standardized manner, deviations can happen during the manufacturing process and cause them to get rejected in healthy vending machines.

Lastly, there’s also the chance your vending machine is instructing the validator to not accept certain types of denomination notes. This is often due to your machine being low on coins and having to give back change from a low priced item may deplete the machine’s stored coin reserves.

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